Hooters Girls Ready For NASCAR, Tony Stewart Goes On Wild Radio Rant & Samantha Busch Has Her Daytona Bikini

OK! Now that the fake Big Game is out of the way, let's strap in, pull those belts tight one more time, and get ready for the real Super Bowl

Welcome to the 2024 NASCAR season – and welcome to Daytona 500 week. 

Best week of the season, and it ain't close. Is it weird – sad? – that the best NASCAR week of the year is the first one? Sure. 

Sort of has that it's all downhill from here vibe to it, which is unfortunate given that there are 35 weeks left to go. 

But whatever – no complaining today. There's no pessimism allowed on this second Monday of February, because A) we're all hungover from last night, and B) it's Daytona 500 week!

The Hooters girls are ready for it, so we're damn sure gonna be locked and loaded, too. You'll see. 

We're also going to check in on Tony Stewart and Stewart-Haas Racing, because Smoke sent one hell of a warning shot to the fellas over there. Doesn't sound like the morning Zooms are a lot of fun right now, but then again, are they ever?

What else? Samantha Busch turned on the entire internet last week with her 2024 NASCAR season bikini. Reckon that's something we'll talk about. Just a guess. 

Natalie Decker, Toni Breidinger, Bubba Wallace AND Ryan Blaney might all stop by, too. What a foursome! 

Four tires, enough Sunoco racing fuel to get us down I-95 to Daytona, and maybe a couple updated resumes just in case for the fellas over at Stewart-Haas … Monday Morning Pit-Stop – the ‘It’s Daytona 500 Week, Enough Said!' edition is LIVE!

Tony Stewart puts his entire racing team on notice in 2024

I know I said no Negative Nellies today, but you can't really talk about Tony Stewart without being a little negative. Sort of comes with the Tony Stewart package. 

So, last week, Tony went on Sirius XM and talked about his race team. For those who don't know, it stinks right now. Not my words, by the way. 

Kevin Harvick – the only good thing about Stewart-Haas – is retired. Aric Almirola, who was never great but brought in some valuable advertising (hello, Smithfield!), is also gone. 

What's left is pretty much a stable of young, unproven drivers in Josh Berry, Noah Gragson, Cole Custer and Chase Briscoe. Sound a little … uninspiring?

Well, you ain't alone!

Hooters girls are ready for the Daytona 500

My God. It's not often – ever? – you see owners absolutely stuff their entire team in a bodybag quite like that. Just a kill-shot from Tony before we even take the green flag. 

And the best part? Tony just completely wipes his hands clean of all of it. He'll be DAMNED if he's gonna let a few crappy years as an owner tarnish his HOF racing career. Aint' happening. 

It's not MY fault! Those guys STINK. Stop blaming me for my team and shitty drivers being shitty!

Hilarious. God, I love Smoke. Just the best. Need more of that from everyone in 2024. Let's kick it up a notch this year, fellas!

Still one of my favorite clips, not only in NASCAR, but all of sports. 

Just perfect. My God, we used to be such a great country. 

Let's start getting back to that attitude with the Hooters girls, who are more than ready to get this NASCAR season going:

… And so is Samantha Busch!

Vroom, vroom, indeed! 

By the way, if you're down this way over the next week, the Hooters across from the track is elite. Don't know why, but the food just tastes better when you're eating it while staring at the front-stretch of Daytona International Speedway. 

That ain't the only good view, obviously. Again, it's an elite Hooters location. We'll leave it at that. 

By the way, Part 2: if you are in town this week and out partying in the infield, let me know. I'll walk my ass right out there, slug a beer and get you on OutKick next week. Zach.Dean@OutKick.com. (serious inquiries only).

You know who else will be partying all week, rain or shine? (Speaking of that, do NOT look at the forecast. I'm just telling you now). 

Samantha Busch!

Bubba Wallace, Ryan Blaney, Natalie Decker and Toni Breidinger, oh my!

As per usual, Samantha Busch won the offseason. You don't become the top NASCAR WAG in the garage by accident, you know. 

She's not only been atop that mountain for about two years now – or since I started keeping unofficial tabs, whichever came first – but she's managed to fend off all the competition with incredible grace and aplomb.


OK, let's make some funny racial jokes with Bubba Wallace and get this thing going. 

It's a long trip to Daytona and I-95 ain't getting any smoother. 

Funny is funny, and that's funny. Bubba promised earlier this month to start threading the needle on Twitter again this season, and we're off to a good start. 

Hate him all you want, but if we're starting the season by making white people jokes, it's gonna be a good year for the #content. 

By the way, Ryan Blaney is currently your Daytona 500 favorite at 9-1, followed by Denny Hamlin at 11-1. 

Bubba is way down at 20-1, which seems like a good one to jump on now. Again, hate him all you want, but I know the NASCAR script down here in Daytona, and it always includes Bubba Wallace restarting towards the front with about five laps to go. 


Next? A couple elite NASCAR WAGs have their Daytona rides!

Let's make some NASCAR picks on the way out 

Toni and Natalie won't be racing in Sunday's 500, but they'll give us all something to watch in the days leading up to it. 

Speaking of the schedule …

We have media day Wednesday, the Twin 125s (yes, I know they're not called that anymore, but they are here) Thursday, the truck race Friday (where everyone will crash), the ARCA race Saturday afternoon (speaking of crashing) followed by the Xfinity (Busch) race and then Sunday's Daytona 500.

Just in case ya'll needed something to hang on your camper refrigerator this week.  

Also, if you're in town, I'd head a few miles east and check out The Brickyard if you've never been. Only if you like a hole-in-the-wall burger joint filled with NASCAR nostalgia and Busch Light, though. 

If that's not your thing, probably avoid it!

OK, that's all for today. Big week ahead. Big season ahead. 

I like Denny Hamlin this year. I know, I'm a sucker, but I think this is the year he finally gets him one. 

Hopefully, he'll throw some punches and wave some middle-fingers along the way. 

Hell, let's all do that this NASCAR season! 

Take us home one final time, Larry Mac. 


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