Holly Sonders Details New Sports League Featuring OnlyFans Stars

Holly Sonders is completely serious about her promise to bring fans a sports league featuring models.

Sonders made waves when she recently announced the creation of Exposed Sportz. It's a league directed towards male fans featuring female models likely not wearing much competing in a variety of sports.

"Imagine your favorite IG models all competing against each other…playing your favorite sports…while wearing next to nothing. The fantasy is coming to life this spring 2023," Sonders, who has dabbled with OutKick in the past, announced back in March.

Now, she's made it clear it will be here sooner than later and the lineup is stacked.

Holly Sonders dives into what is Exposed Sportz.

"I have 10 girls, and we're going to play seven, eight sports. And when I say sports, some of them want to play basketball or bowling or tennis, but there's also ping pong. There's also twister. Fun stuff like that, and these are girls who make most their money on OnlyFans or an OnlyFans type of site where some of these girls are making hundreds of thousands of dollars making their content," Sonders explained to BroBible without getting into specific names.

Sonders also noted some of the talent used to be investment bankers or nurses before turning to the internet. She also circled the "first week of June" as the official launch date for Exposed Sportz to officially launch.

Sonders has lofty goals.

Isn't capitalism great? Only in America could something like this happen. Holly Sonders, someone who has some business chops, sees an opening in the market and is gunning for it.

We've had lingerie football in America, and let's be honest, it just didn't move the needle. It's now the X League, and nobody still pays attention to it.

However, this is a bit different. Sonders is going for established names in the OnlyFans and Instagram game. She's not attempting to build up personalities. While she didn't name names, it's clear she thinks she has some big ones.

After all, not a ton of women are cashing in to the tune of six figures on the internet. You have to have some level of name recognition.

Now, will people tune in for women "wearing next to nothing" playing pool or ping pong? Your guess is as good as mine, but does it look like Sonders is ready?

She's already super popular online, and clearly ready to cash in. Let's see if the market rewards her or if this goes the way of X League football sooner than later.

The first week of June should be very interesting to find out what Exposed Sportz sports turns out to be. Will it be an OnlyFans infused hit or a major flop? We'll soon find out.

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