Holly Sonders Teases Nearly Naked Sports League

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Holly Sonders appears to be cooking up something very bold.

Sonders, who has dabbled with OutKick in the past, teased a new league called Exposed Sportz, and it sounds interesting to say the least.

“Imagine your favorite IG models all competing against each other…playing your favorite sports…while wearing next to nothing. The fantasy is coming to life this spring 2023. @xposed__sports will provide the most elite, highest quality content with the most beautiful, fit women in the world. My babes will be on [fire emojis],” Sonders wrote on her Instagram late Tuesday afternoon.

However, she failed to provide any further details.

What is this idea from Holly Sonders?

Due to the fact I’m a Big J journalist, I had to do a deep dive into Exposed Sportz and its Instagram page. It’s honestly not even clear what it is.

Sonders teased “t*pless matches,” but again, didn’t really give any specifics.

She also teased that the league won’t just be high-intensity sports. Exposed Sportz will also feature “chess and billiards to name a few….while t*opless!”

Will this work?

Look, I believe in capitalism more than just about anyone on the planet, but that doesn’t mean every idea is good.

We have a bit of history to let us know whether or not this will work. Remember the Lingerie Football League (later rebranded to the X League)? That was a joke that absolutely nobody took seriously.

Now, this just sounds like a heavier R-rated version of that. Who is going to get involved with this that isn’t already involved with adult content? It seems highly-unlikely major female celebrities are going to take Sonders up on her off to “chess and billiards” while not clothed. Seems a bit too bold. I’m pretty sure there are websites that already offer this content and it can probably be found for free.

Holly Sonders teases nearly naked sports league called Exposed Sportz. (Credit: Getty Images)

Of course, I’m also wrong about stuff all the time. It’s the nature of the beast. Maybe, just maybe, Holly Sonders will become the next great sports commissioner with Exposed Sportz. Crazier things have definitely happened!

Written by David Hookstead

David Hookstead is a reporter for OutKick covering a variety of topics with a focus on football and culture.

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