Hardly Anyone Was At First Game Of Guardians-Tigers Doubleheader

The Guardians and Tigers are playing a doubleheader on Tuesday after Monday night's game was postponed due to cold temperatures and high winds.

We all know it can be hard to sell tickets for an afternoon MLB game in the middle of April, but man, this is rough.

It's even harder to get people who bought tickets for a Monday night game that was postponed due to weather to stick to come back on Tuesday. Especially went they're calling for cold temperatures.

Having said that, this photo of the crowd at Comerica Park is brutal.

An Ohio State spring game it was not.

This is a bad look for the Tigers, even with the caveats of it being a makeup game. I swear I see a tumbleweed in right field. That's brutal attendance even in Miami, Tampa, or Oakland.

The Few Tigers Fans That Showed Up Could've Had A Great Experience

However, if you were one of the dozens of fans that caught that game, that looks incredible, at least if you can stomach the cold temps.

Think about this: you can move where ever you want, and the lines for beer and food are virtually non-existent. Parking would be nice and easy too and so would leaving. It'd be amazing.

I mean, the men's room line at this Tigers game probably looked like the women's room line at a Rush concert back in the day.

In fact, as I see it, crowds are one of the few negatives about catching a game.

Of course, the team would disagree with everything I just mentioned being positives. The Tigers are currently 18th in the MLB in attendance, averaging about 23,000 fans per home game.

The Tigers dropped the first game of Tuesday's doubleheader 4-3.

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