Guardians First Baseman Josh Naylor Says Yankees Fans Taunting Him Was 'Awesome' And 'Dream Come True'

The New York Yankees finished off a 3-2 series win over the Cleveland Guardians on Tuesday to advance to the ALCS against the Houston Astros.

When the Yankees went down 2-1 in the series in Cleveland thanks to a furious Guardians comeback, that outcome seemed far from certain.

But after the Bronx Bombers jumped out to a lead in Game 4 behind starting pitcher Gerrit Cole, the series momentum shifted towards New York.

At least, that's what most people thought.

Guardians first baseman Josh Naylor disagreed. And when he launched a home run against Cole, Naylor rounded the bases with an...excessive celebration:

Cole clearly wasn't a fan of Naylor's decision, nor were the other Yankees players or the fanbase:


When the series shifted back to New York for Game 5, the locals let Naylor hear it. Yankees fans expressed their severe displeasure with his antics and many replicated his motion. They were also chanting: "Who's your daddy?" every time Naylor came to the plate:

After the game, Naylor spoke about his feelings on the treatment from the Yankees fans. And surprisingly, he thought it was "awesome," "so sick," and "like a dream come true:"

It's a bit unexpected that Naylor thought getting taunted by 47,000 Yankees fans was "awesome.”But when you go after one of their players as ostentatiously as he did, you have to be willing to accept the consequences.

Naylor went after Cole, so naturally the Yankees fans came back after him.

However it's also a bit unusual that Naylor was happy enough after a Game 5 loss in the ALDS to be describing anything as "so sick."

You'd think that blowing a 2-1 series lead and losing in Game 5 would be enough to be concerning. But he apparently rebounded quickly enough to focus on how much fun it was to be trolled by the opposing team's fans.

Naylor will have several more opportunities to return to the Bronx each year. That’s a spot where he'll almost assuredly receive the same treatment for many years to come.

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