Gronk Calls Out Aaron Rodgers For MVP Comments, Says Focus Should Be Another Super Bowl

Rob Gronkowski thinks Aaron Rodgers should focus on Super Bowls over winning another MVP award.

The Green Bay Packers superstar raised some eyebrows when he said on "The Pat McAfee Show" that he feels he "can win MVP again in the right situation."

He didn't say he could win another Super Bowl. He said he could win the MVP again. Gronk thinks he should pivot his attention to raising the Lombardi Trophy again.

"I'm totally fine with everything he said, except one major part, and that's the MVP again. , 'I think I could win another Super Bowl,' and then that would be totally fine. Like, bro, why are you thinking MVP? Don't you want Super Bowls? Super Bowls I think are five times greater than an MVP," Gronk explained on "Up & Adams" when asked his thoughts on Rodgers' comments.

Does Gronk have a point about Aaron Rodgers?

It definitely seems like Gronk is not in the minority when it comes to his opinion on Rodgers' comments. In fact, there's been a ton of attention paid to them since he made them yesterday.

Now, does Aaron Rodgers really want to win another MVP over a second Super Bowl ring? Only he knows the answer, and we all know he'd love another ring.

The problem is that at times during Rodgers' career, he has appeared to prioritize himself over the team. Look at the past couple offseasons. The Packers were engulfed in chaos and rumors as they waited for Rodgers to make a decision.

That's why when he makes a comment about winning another MVP award and doesn't put the focus on winning the SB, people don't have to make much of a leap to think it's a bit selfish.

Again, it doesn't mean Aaron Rodgers doesn't want a Super Bowl more than another MVP trophy. That's just simply not what he said, and people are taking him at his word.

Now, fans sit and wait to see what Aaron Rodgers decides to do for next season. #RodgersWatch continues, and all eyes in the NFL are on his future plans.

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