'Grateful': Jim Harbaugh Shares Unexpected Comments On OSU Rivalry

Jim Harbaugh doesn't think Michigan fans need to hate the team down in Columbus.

The Wolverines will travel down south to play the Ohio State Buckeyes this Saturday, and it's the latest installment in one of the most bitter rivalries in all of sports. Michigan vs. Ohio State is truly the Soviets vs. America at the height of the Cold War.

The fanbases absolutely despise each other, but Harbaugh thinks the rivalry is a great opportunity to "be grateful."

"There's no need to hate. Be grateful for the opponent. It's like superheroes. It's through a strong opponent that you get to find out who you are. They have a lot of players that are really good. They've got great players, we've got great players. They have great coaches, we have great coaches. They have players with Heisman habits, we have players with Heisman habits. And congratulations. Be grateful for having the opportunity to play in this kind of big game," Harbaugh told the press Monday, according to 247Sports.

Is Jim Harbaugh's assessment of the Ohio State/Michigan rivalry correct?

While Harbaugh might be an outstanding college football coach, I'm not sure many fans will agree with his take on this issue.

Michigan fans definitely aren't "grateful" for the Buckeyes, and they absolutely do not agree "there's no need to hate."

The feeling is 100% mutual down in Columbus. Sometimes, in the world of sports, you just have to let the hate consume you. Obviously, that doesn't apply outside of the game, but there's no reason to pretend you should like your opponent.

Ohio State fans think Michigan is a joke, and fans of the Wolverines would give just about anything to be as successful as the Buckeyes.

Last year, Michigan successfully snapped their losing streak to OSU, and now, Ryan Day and company are out for revenge.

Anyone who thinks the two sides will be sharing hot chocolate and Thanksgiving leftovers this Saturday is an idiot.

Embrace the carnage and chaos. Unleash your disdain for each other. Rivalries are what make college sports great. Don't run from them. Lean into them.