Grant Napear Rips Draymond Green, Social Media In Interview With Dan Dakich

Sportscaster Grant Napear appeared on Wednesday's episode of OutKick's Don't @ Me with Dan Dakich.

In the interview, Napear — the former voice of the Sacramento Kings — tore into Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green, who was in the news for punching his teammate Jordan Poole during practice.

Dakich and Napear talked about the difference in public reactions between Green's punch and an "All Lives Matter" tweet Napear sent that cost him his radio job back in 2020.

Dakich asked Napear how he felt about Draymond getting away with punching his teammate with only a fine.

"I think this whole thing is such a hypocrisy," Napear said. "This is the same Draymond Green who called Kendrick Perkins — now an ESPN host and former player, as you well know — a racial slur.

"Couple of days later, what happens? Draymond apologizes. Says that after he had a private conversation with both (NBA executive vice president and head of basketball operations) Joe Dumars and (NBA Commissioner) Adam Silver, that he realized what he said was wrong."

Napear expressed his shock at how Green could get away with using a slur directed toward someone connected to the NBA without a fine or even a statement from the league.

"It's almost like it did not exist."

Napear Said Social Media Isn't The Real World

Dakich and Napear went on to discuss how the willingness to have conversations with people who have differing points of view seems to be vanishing.

To prove his point, Napear talked about his experiences striking up conversations with strangers after moving to Miami.

"When I meet somebody we start from the ground floor," he said. "I've had some of the best conversations with strangers that now happen to be some of my very best friends.

Napear said that he has had great conversations with strangers regardless of background.

He cited this as a reason why social media isn't representative of the real world.

"Is that the real world, Dan? Because I don't believe that what happens on social media is the real world."

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