Georgia Player Cites Fictional 7-5 Preseason Prediction After Winning The National Title

Georgia crushed TCU to win the national title, but according to Nolan Smith, the Bulldogs were counted out to start the season.

Kirby Smart's team absolutely hammered the Horned Frogs 65-7 in one of the most lopsided games in recent football memory. It wasn't as much a football game as it was a butt kicking televised for the country to watch.

However, if you believe the narrative the injured senior linebacker presented, the team was supposed to be barely above .500. Yes, Nolan Smith believes America truly though Georgia would be mediocre this season.

"They thought we were gonna go 7-5. We end up perfect. I can talk trash now cause I'm done. I'm a Dawg for life and I will always be a Dawg," Smith said on the field after winning the game.

The facts do not back up Nolan Smith's claim about Georgia.

While it's certainly possible some random people expected Georgia to struggle throughout the season, that was not the mainstream belief.

In fact, all the evidence points to Nolan Smith's claim being comically false. To open the season, Georgia was third in the AP poll, and oddsmakers had the team's win total line set at 10.5.

In late September, Sports Illustrated had odds listing Georgia as the national title favorite. That was just after a few games had been played.

So, not only did the preseason rankings and odds indicate Georgia would be great, it was evident very quickly the Bulldogs should be national title favorites.

Yet, Nolan Smith spun a narrative that the critics and haters expected Georgia to be bad. Seriously, what is he talking about?

He delivered the line so casually it's impossible to believe he doesn't actually think what he said is accurate. What is Kirby Smart telling his guys?

Let's be clear. At no point this season was Georgia viewed as anything other than a great team. Plus, there weren't even five tough games on Georgia's schedule. Where were these losses going to come?

We all love an underdog story, but there's no need to spin one here. The Bulldogs were a great team from start to finish. Nolan Smith shouldn't pretend otherwise.