Georgia Fan Luke Bryan Has Tim Tebow's Heisman, Tells Clay Travis About It

Country music star and die-hard Georgia fan Luke Bryan spoke to OutKick founder Clay Travis at Bryan's charity event to raise money to support The Brett Boyer Foundation.

They had a pretty unique backdrop for the interview too: Tim Tebow's Heisman trophy.

Despite Tebow's history of owning the SEC during his time at Florida, believe it or not, the Georgia mega-fan Bryan has had Tebow's Heisman in his house.

Bryan talked about he came to temporarily take ownership of the iconic trophy for a full year.

"My wife got a little tipsy and bought, you know, and rented Tebow's Heisman," Bryan said. "And I was like, 'Baby, I can't have anything Florida in the house.'"

Nonetheless, Bryan conceded that having the Heisman trophy at home — regardless of whose it was — was a cool experience. He and Clay talked about how cool it was to have friends over and see their surprise.

"It's a really fun photo op. And now my son's football teams would come by and get pictures with it."

According to Bryan, Tebow routinely makes his Heisman trophy available for rental for charity auctions.

"It's kind of worth it having it for a year, and the fact that Tim's I don't think he's had it in this house
for ten years. He just lets you have it and it's a fun thing to do."

However, given the unique opportunity, Bryan said he couldn't help but give Tebow's Heisman a little bit of a Georgia Bulldogs treatment.

"I think at one point I put peanut butter on it and I had a bulldog eat the peanut butter off the Heisman," Bryan said with a laugh.

Luke Bryan Talked To Clay Travis About The Brett Boyer Foundation

He also to Clay talked a little about The Brett Boyer Foundation, which supports congenital heart defect research.

"Our foundation is named after Brett Boyer, who we lost at seven months old. She had Down Syndrome and she had a severe amount of heart defects, which essentially doctors tried their best to fix and it was unable to fix," Bryan explained.

Bryan went on to mention that 1 in 100 children are affected by CHD. The foundation has provided funds that have gone toward improving mechanical hearts and growing tissues.

"When you can take when you can get donations from people and then look them in the face and show where we're actually making a difference," Bryan said. "Man, nothing feels better than that."

Click here to donate to The Brett Boyer Foundation.