Former UFC Fighter Arrested For Allegedly Stealing $200,000 Worth Of Jewelry And Valuables, Being In Possession Of 'Crack Cocaine'

Former UFC fighter Karl Roberson is in serious trouble with the law.

The Howell Township Police Department in New Jersey announced over the weekend that Roberson had been taken into custody on charges of burglary, theft, criminal mischief, possession of controlled dangerous substance and several weapons offenses.

The former fighter is accused of stealing a couple hundred thousand dollars worth of valuables from a residence.

Karl Roberson faces serious charges.

"The suspects located and stole over $200,000 in exotic jewelry and valuables. The suspects were captured on home security surveillance cameras both inside and outside the home," the police announced in a release for the arrests.

However, the jewelry and valuables weren't Roberson's only issues. When police made contact with him, the former UFC fighter was allegedly breaking several other laws.

"Following his arrest, a search warrant was conducted on the vehicle. During the search officers found a defaced 9mm handgun with an extended magazine, several packages of suspected 'crack cocaine,' Marijuana and times related to the burglary," the Howell Township Police Department further explained.

A man named Dathan Thompson was also arrested. You can read the full release below.

Police confirmed to that the Karl Roberson they arrested is the former UFC fighter and not someone with the same name.

"Yes, it would be the same person, Mr. Roberson. I’m familiar with his UFC career. It is definitely the UFC fighter, I’m well aware of that," detective Ryan Jackson told the outlet.

Roberson is currently 9-6 as a pro fighter and his last fight was July 2022, which was a loss to Kennedy Nzechukwu. Roberson lost his last four straight UFC fights and earned a little more than $100,000, according to

Now, Roberson doesn't have to worry about when he'll fight again. The former UFC athlete has to worry about defending himself against incredibly serious charges. It's time to call a lawyer and a very good one at that.

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