Florida State Pulls Classy Move For Fans Displaced By Hurricane Ian

Florida State has pulled off a great move for people in Florida displaced because of Hurricane Ian.

The great state of Florida has been absolutely hammered by the hurricane, and many people had to evacuate.

Well, any displaced people in the Tallahassee area interested in catching the FSU/Wake Forest game can now get free tickets for the Saturday matchup.

"We are making tickets available to Saturday's football game to Floridians displaced by Hurricane Ian," FSU AD Michael Alford announced Thursday. People will just need to show a Florida ID in order to get four free tickets.

This is a great move from the Seminoles. In many areas of the country, the local college athletic program is the one thing that unites people above all else.

No matter what your political views are, when you step into a football stadium, people are united behind a common cause.

Now, FSU is stepping up to bring people a little joy after Hurricane Ian devastated many parts of the state.

It might not mean much in the grand scheme of things, but it's still a classy gesture that will give people the opportunity to focus on something other than the carnage.

Props to FSU for helping out. You love to see athletic departments rise to the occasion to help the community.