Florida Gators Player Clarifies 'F**k This Team' Post

Florida receiver Kahleil Jackson is trying to clear the air about his vulgar Instagram post over the weekend.

The freshman receiver for the Gators went viral over the weekend after he posted a photo on his Instagram story flipping off the camera with the message "F**k this team."

Many thought the message was a shot at his own team following a tough loss to LSU. However, he's now clarified that wasn't the case.

"For context, the post was made before the game, towards our opponent. The post was only meant to rally up MY teammates to bring home the W; it was never meant for fans," Jackson wrote on Twitter late Monday afternoon.

He further added, "Sometimes, when fueled with passion, expectations and anticipation, self-expression gets out of control. I got caught up in the moment of an intense rivalry game, feeling immense energy about what was to come. I am owning up to my commentary."

You can read his full explanation below.

Seeing as how the Gators fell 45-35 to the Tigers and the post gained major steam after the game, it's not hard to understand why people thought he was taking a shot at his own team.

However, it definitely now appears that wasn't the case. After all, you'd have to be a grade-A idiot to post a message dropping an f-bomb in relation to your own team.

Hopefully, the young receiver for the Gators learned an important lesson about social media, and dials back his Instagram messages in the future.

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