'F**k You': Chris Simms Unleashes Heated Anti-ESPN Rant

Chris Simms is not a fan of SportsCenter.

The former player and current pundit made some waves when he recently claimed, "If you put Gardner Minshew the Eagles, they’d still be really damn good," according to the New York Post.

It was a semi-ridiculous comment at the time, even though everyone loves Minshew. Jalen Hurts is simply a much better QB and there's a reason the Eagles are 13-1 with him under center.

Well, Simms has had enough of SportsCenter reminding him of what he said as the Eagles falter without Hurts on the field.

Chris Simms is fired up.

"Jalen Hurts makes them better and I know that. And, like, f*ck you SportsCenter Instagram for putting it out again for like the third time in three weeks. Like, f*ck off. Like, really, f*ck off ESPN SportsCenter. They didn’t put my quote from after the Cowboys game, but they’re gonna wait till the game yesterday. That's why I hate social media and f*ck you ESPN SportsCenter one more time," Simms ranted while discussing the Eagles losing back-to-back games.

You can watch his full rant below.

It's unclear if the posts Simms was referring to were actual posts or shared on SportsCenter's story. There is no post SC's Instagram page after the Eagles/Saints game that has anything to do with Chris Simms.

That would seem to indicate that the posts that pissed off Simms in such dramatic fashion were shared on SC's story and not its proper feed.

Either way, he's fired up and not happy with the fact people continue to throw his old comment in his face.

The problem for Simms is that while the spirit of his comment - that Minshew can play - might have been correct, the play on the field hasn't done him any favors.

Minshew struggled in a huge way against the Saints, and the team is 0-2 without Hurts. It's night and day without him out there.

His claim has turned out to be very false.

As a general rule in life, if you're mad you're losing. Chris Simms should just lean into getting roasted, and poke a little fun at himself. If he did that, the whole issue would disappear. Instead, he blew his lid and now that's become a whole new story. Learn to play the media, Chris!

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