Fight Breaks Out Between Ole Miss And LSU Women's Soccer Players

There was a fight in Louisiana on Sunday afternoon, and then a soccer match broke out.

Women's soccer players from Ole Miss and LSU participated in anything but a "friendly," resulting in red cards and ejections.

And you thought the football teams didn't like each other...

It all went down during the second overtime of an eventual 3-0 Ole Miss shootout win. LSU's Maya Gordon attempted to steal the ball from the Rebels' Ramsey Davis, who didn't take kindly to her opponent's defense. Davis grabbed Gordon by the waist and next thing you know, fists were flying in an SEC love fest.

Watch the action unfold in the video below.

Three Soccer Players Were Ejected

These ladies were getting after it! NBA wannabe fighters can learn a thing or two from this haymaker-throwing trio. This wasn't about chirping, it was all business. Fists meet faces.

If you didn't notice, a second LSU player involved herself in the fracas between Gordon and Davis. That was Rammie Noel who put on a clinic as to how to defend your teammate. Noel ran across the pitch and made her way to Gordon for a few love taps of her own - despite the fact that a nearby coach was already pulling Gordon away from the scene.

Sunday's melee briefly continued before order was restored.

Did I mention this went down during the SEC tournament?

As a result of the fight, Gordon, Davis and Noel were all given red cards and ejected from the game.

Ole Miss And LSU Will Be Shorthanded

Because of the players' ejections, both the Tigers and Rebels will be forced to play without the women involved in the fight. Noel and Gordon will be sidelined for LSU's opening match of the NCAA Tournament. Davis, meanwhile, will miss the Rebels' second round match of the SEC Tournament.

Sign Of The Times?

We shouldn't be all that surprised by Sunday's events. On-field and postgame fights have become something of the norm within college athletics. Over the last few weeks we've seen an Alabama football player strike a female fan:

And on Saturday, Michigan State players were recorded beating down on a player from rival Michigan following the Wolverines' win:

Guess we'll see what happens next weekend.

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