Ferrari's Hauler Catches Fire On Its Way To Their Home Race

Ferrari just got hit with a bad omen ahead of the Italian Grand Prix.

That team just can't catch a break.

One of the team's trucks was traveling from the previous weekend's race at Zandvoort which was a disappointment for the team. Surely their home race at Monza, the Temple of Speed, will be better for them.

Not with omens like this, it won't ...

One of the teams' haulers which was reported loaded with engines caught fire after the brakes overheated.


Ferrari Could Face A Tough Weekend At Home Track

Ferrari has had a rough season despite having one of the best cars on the grid. The Ferrari F1-75 is a frequent presence on the front row, but everything from reliability issues to driver error to mind-boggling strategic blunders has put the Scuderia in quite a hole.

Going into Monza, Ferrari is 135 points behind Red Bull in the constructor standings. Mercedes is breathing down their neck, sitting just 30 points back in P3.

In the driver standings, their drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are P2 and P5 respectively, though Leclerc is a long way off championship leader Max Verstappen.

Monza will likely prove to be a tough weekend for the team. For the Italian Grand Prix, teams will use the lowest downforce setups of the season. This means a team like Red Bull whose car thrives in a straight line with limited drag is in for a good weekend.

Ferrari's car has been at its best with higher-downforce setups that allow for faster speeds through the corners. Unfortunately, that won't be much help at Monza.

Still, expect a sea of red when the Tifosi show up in full force. Maybe that will give the team a nice kick in the pants and they'll shake off their recent bad luck.

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