World’s Bravest Pigeon Somehow Evades Death Walking On F2 Track Mid-Race

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A pigeon decided to walk onto a Formula Two track in the middle of the race and somehow evaded death in the process. The incident was caught on video showing F2 cars narrowly missing the bird.

The video itself is nerve-wracking given you don’t know if the bird is going to successfully cross the track or explode at impact with a car. Even the announcer is on the edge of his seat before someone in his ear confirms to him that he’s not about to watch a pigeon die on the replay video.

Forget the pigeons in New York City that practically let you kick them before they even think about flying away, this F2 pigeon is the king of all pigeons.

The bird doesn’t care about cars zooming past him, it just wants to make it to the other side of the track and it’ll be damned if it’s going to be forced to use its wings to do so.

After evading instant death from four cars, the bird remembers that it does possess the ability to fly and gets out of the danger zone safely.

We’ve all, unfortunately, had to play chicken with a bird, squirrel, or some wild animal in the road before. The car wins the battle every time, but this pigeon wasn’t worried about that.

Written by Mark Harris

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