FBS Coach's Contract Has Interesting Parking Lot Clause

New Mexico State is required to pave a parking lot as part of Jerry Kill's contract.

Kill spent the season coaching without actually signing an official deal with the Aggies, but he finally signed his named on the dotted line, according to USA Today.

The head coach at NMSU will earn $600,000 next season, and he'll have opportunities to earn even more through incentives and escalators through the 2027 season, according to the same report. The Aggies went 7-6 this past season.

Jerry Kill finessed some infrastructure upgrades into the deal.

As part of his deal, the university has to pave the parking lot near the football offices before the first home game of 2024.

Yes, an FBS head coach wiggled in a parking lot getting paved into his contract.

The Aggies are also required to to install a new video board, home locker room and create an artificial grass practice field all before the start of the 2024 season. That means the program will be busy with infrastructure builds over the next year and a half.

Seeing as how New Mexico State went 7-6 with Jerry Kill in his first season, it seems like a smart idea to give him what he wants.

It's even easier when his asks are pretty simple. You can pave a parking lot in a day. If Nick Saban asked for that it would be done before he left the AD's office.

For Jerry Kill, it took coaching an entire season without signing a deal to use some leverage to get his wishes. That's the difference between the haves and have nots.

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