D1 Coach Is Making Piles Of Cash Without Actually Signing A Deal

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New Mexico State football coach Jerry Kill has yet to sign his deal with the school.

Kill is being paid $550,000 by the university to coach the 4-5 Aggies, but he hasn’t actually put pen to paper on any agreement, according to USA Today.

Not only has he not signed a contract with New Mexico State University, but he hasn’t even signed a memorandum of understanding.

MOUs are often used as a holdover for coaches when hammering out finer details in lengthy contracts. Yet, Kill hasn’t even signed that.

New Mexico State coach Jerry Kill hasn’t signed his contract. (Photo by Dan Sanger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

What does this all mean for Jerry Kill?

As pointed out by USA Today, if Kill were to get fired right now without anything signed, it could lead to a massive legal battle.

On the other hand, if Kill were to just up and quit right now, is there anything NMSU could do about it? I’m not a lawyer, but the answer would seem to be no.

If neither side has signed anything at all – a contract or an MOU – what could stop him?

NMSU coach Jerry Kill still hasn’t signed any kind of agreement. (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images)

Also, how does a situation like this unfold? Kill has coached nine games so far this season and he had plenty of time in the offseason to get something signed. Did nobody think it was time to get a paper and pen out?

Seems like a massive oversight of some kind that shouldn’t have happened.

Jerry Kill is being paid more than $500,000 a year, but he hasn’t signed any official agreement. (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images)

Given the fact the situation is now under the spotlight, you can likely expect this to be resolved rather soon. It’d be pure negligence by NMSU if the team doesn’t get Kill’s signature on some paper.

Written by David Hookstead

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