Falcons Head Coach Arthur Smith Doesn't Think Tom Brady Gets Enough Credit, Seriously

The Atlanta Falcons travel to Tampa Bay to take on the Buccaneers this Sunday. Ahead of the matchup, Atlanta head coach Arthur Smith decided to show respect to Tom Brady, but took things way too far and said one of the more outlandish things to come out of a coach's mouth in quite some time.

During his Wednesday press conference, Smith was asked about the Bucs' offense and Brady. Instead of giving the typical coach speak about how good Brady is, Smith took things to an entirely different level.


According to Smith, Brady doesn't get enough credit for how great he is. Smith legitimately may be the only person on the planet to say that in a handful of years.

"I don't think Brady gets enough credit, to sustain the level of success year after year, he's going to make the right play," Smith said. "If you make a mistake or leave somebody uncovered, usually he finds them."

"Something as simple as a flat route, you bust a coverage or they don't cover it, he kind of goes where you're not."

A truly riveting statement from a man paid to coach football.

According to Smith's logic, the entire sports world crowning Brady the greatest quarterback to ever live isn't "enough credit."

Unlike the 'who is the greatest NBA player of all time' question where the argument is somewhat split between Michael Jordan and LeBron James, that argument simply does not exist when it comes to NFL quarterbacks.

Tom Brady is the best to ever do it and anyone that argues against that does not possess eyes and/or a brain.

Expect to see Smith's Falcons give all the respect in the world to Mr. Brady on Sunday.

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