EXCLUSIVE: USF Official Responds To Deion Sanders Speculation

USF hasn't narrowed the program's coaching search down to Deion Sanders or Jamey Chadwell, according to a program official.

A report claiming the search was down to the Jackson State coach or the leader of Coastal Carolina kicked up a ton of attention Tuesday, but a USF official exclusively told OutKick any report about the search being down to those two men isn't false.

The Bulls official made it clear USF is still in the process of interviewing multiple candidates, and no decision has been made at this time. While definitely not ruling anything out, it would seem premature to claim it's a two man race. To be crystal clear, this doesn't mean Sanders or Chadwell won't ultimately get the job. It just means it hasn't been decided on as of Tuesday.

When might fans get an answer? The officially said December 5 has always been the optimal deadline for AD Michael Kelly, but it's a fluid situation.

Will Deion Sanders land a major head coaching job?

There has been speculation swirling for months that Sanders would land an FBS job after an incredible run with the Jackson State Tigers.

He's 11-0 in 2022 and over the past two seasons, and he's 22-2 since 2021. The man has put together an incredible run with the Tigers, and that's why he was offered the Colorado job.

Will he take the Colorado job? That remains to be seen, but there's definitely interest among FBS programs to bring Sanders out of the FCS. Cincy is another landing spot that I personally think would be interesting.

While USF might still be in play, it looks like fans of the Bulls will have to wait just a little longer to find out who the man is in Tampa.