Ex-Pro Surfer Spends Almost Two Days Straight Shreddin' Gnar

No one in recorded history has had a longer surf sesh than one Australian ex-professional surfer.

His name is Blake Johnson and the man clearly feels at home in the water and doesn't have a fear of sharks, drowning, or seaweed brushing against his leg.

Johnston is now a surfing coach, and he schooled every other surfer in the world with a marathon outing for a good cause.

The Aussie hit the surf off of Cronulla Beach at 1 AM on Thursday. If you're wondering how he suffered in the middle of the night it's because he came prepared. He had spotlights to help him out and if things went south, there was a medical team on standby.

Johnston surfed and surfed, then he surfed some more. His sesh went until 5 PM local time the next day. That's 40 hours straight of shredding.

During one brief break, Johnston said that "everything hurts."

I can relate. I went boogie boarding at Rehobeth Beach one time when I was a kid. Scraped my knee up pretty badly. Needed to go sit on the beach and slam a Capri Sun to get over it. The Ocean holds otherworldly beauty but is a not to be trifled with. Sort of like Kate Beckinsale in those movies with the vampires.

I know this; Blake Johnston knows this.

“I’ve surfed my whole life but never in this realm. Yeah, it’s been a mental and physical challenge, to say the least,” Johnston said afterward on Australian TV.

When it was all said and done, he had caught 600 waves en route to obliterating the previous sesh record which was a paltry 30 hours and 11 minutes. Blake Johnston could do that in his sleep.

Johnston didn't bust the record just to show how super badass he is, he did it to raise money for youth mental health with the help of the Chumpy Pullin Foundation.

"Thanks, everyone, you’re the best," Johnston said when he set foot on dry land for the first time in nearly two days. "Everyone deserves to feel awesome, deserves to take care of yourselves. Good on you."

Congrats Blake, awesome stuff!

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