Ex-NBA Player Ben Gordon Arrested For Striking Son In Airport

On Monday, former NBA player Ben Gordon was arrested for striking his son while at LaGuardia airport. Gordon's son is 10 years old.

A veteran of 11 NBA seasons, Gordon reportedly hit his son while they were waiting to board a flight from New York to Chicago. The New York Post reports that after Gordon struck his son, Port Authority officers stopped Gordon from boarding the plane. He was then arrested and charges are pending.

Following the incident, Gordon's son was taken by a relative to Long Island Jewish Children’s Hospital.

During the airport altercation and arrest, two Port Authority officers sustained minor injuries.

Gordon Last Played In The NBA In 2015

Selected with the third pick in the 2004 draft, Gordon holds a career scoring average of 14.9 points per game. He spent time with the Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons, Charlotte Hornets and Orlando Magic during his NBA career. In 2005 Gordon was named the NBA's Sixth Man of the Year.

Since being waived during the 2015 preseason, Gordon's life has spiraled out of control.

In 2017 Gordon, 39, was arrested multiple times. First, Gordon was nabbed for pulling fire alarms in an LA apartment building. Months later he was arrested for assault and robbery while in New York. Later, Gordon was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation after punching a female at a holistic healing center.

Gordon admitted to being bipolar during a 2020 interview.

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