Ex-MLBer Lenny Dykstra Faces Potential Eviction Over $50K in Overdue Rent

Former MLB All-Star Lenny Dykstra is in trouble after falling behind on apartment bills. The ex-Phillies and Mets center fielder is reportedly behind $50,000 on unpaid rent for his high-end Los Angeles apartment.

Dykstra allegedly used COVID rent relief to avoid making payments. The Daily Mail relayed an exclusive quote connected to the situation, sharing, " hasn't paid any rent for over a year."

Dykstra has been at the apartment since Nov. 2020. According to Dykstra's landlord, the ex-MLBer has not paid rent for over a year. The one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment rents out at $4,700 per month. The location is prime in L.A., located in Westwood, near UCLA.


Now, Dykstra faces eviction; he is scheduled to meet for a hearing scheduled on November 27.

The 1986 World Series champion spent 13 seasons in the league, eight years in Philadelphia and five years with the New York Mets. Dykstra played from 1985 to 1996 and discovered legal troubles after his MLB career. Many of those legal run-ins were financial.

In 2012, Dykstra admitted to committing bankruptcy fraud. At the time, Dykstra bought Wayne Gretzky's old home. The former player lied about whether he had taken and sold items from his $18 million mansion in Sherwood Estates that previously belonged to Wayne Gretzky. After failing to flip the home for a profit, Dykstra sold off items from the residence and was later found guilty of bankruptcy fraud.

In 2009, Dykstra declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy despite having accrued over $50 million in career earnings. Dykstra has attempted to open several businesses, including a finance manager service.