ESPN First Take Says J.J. Watt Will Join Pat McAfee Show As Co-Host; Former Texans Star Left Confused

J.J. Watt is officially retired from the NFL, leaving many to speculate the ex-defensive star's next move.

Watt recently joined ESPN's First Take as a guest and was hit with a bombshell from host Molly Qerim.

"You have a lot of exciting new projects, beyond being a new dad, you'll be the new host of the Pat McAfee Show," Qerim said, prompting silence from everyone on set. 

"Am I?" Watt responded. "That would be great, no. Did you send me a contract I'm unaware of?"

While Watt is a natural on camera and would be a great addition to any broadcast team, there hasn't been a contract signed or document written to give this any credence.

But ESPN didn't back down.

Qerim kept pushing, of course.

"Could we make that happen, would you be interested?" Qerim asked Watt. 

Still, J.J. Watt left the door open.

The former NFL pass rusher has always had a charismatic personality and he recently told Sports Illustrated he's considered starting a podcast with his brother TJ, who is a linebacker for the Steelers.

J.J. Watt Has No Plans To Co-Host With Pat McAfee

Either way, it wouldn't be a surprise to see Watt in media sometime soon -- and while he said he's open to discussions and there's a number he has in mind -- he reiterated no deal has been done with the widely popular Pat McAfee show.

"There's a number," Watt said. "There's a number that could make that happen. I'm open to discussions. Pat's a great friend, he's been awesome to me for a long time." 

The ex-NFL pass rusher went on say that he's "open to discussions" about the role.

We'll keep an eye out for any major news related to Watt's post-retirement plans. 

For now, the NFL legend will fill his time bidding on soccer teams while planning his next move.

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