Eli Manning Taunts Bill Simmons Over ‘Helmet Catch’

Bill Simmons hopped on the latest edition of ESPN's Manningcast during Monday night's Patriots-Cardinals game and clearly hasn't gotten over Super Bowl XLII. He was sure to let one of the legendary play's key players — Eli Manning — know it.

The Simmons, a diehard Boston sports fan, yukked it up with Eli and Peyton Manning, but he just couldn't help but bring up the infamous catch.

In case you wanted to relive the moment, or on the off chance you have no idea what catch they're talking about (in which case, I'm stunned you found this article), here it is:

While undeniably incredible, that catch became one of the most milked plays in sports history let alone in football history. That alone led to David Tyree writing a book called More Than Just A Catch.

Without that grab, there's no book.

It was obviously instrumental in the first of two Giants Super Bowl wins over Simmons' Patriots, and the lack of offensive holding calls after the pocket collapsed on Eli is still stuck in his craw.

"Eli, what was your favorite hold out of all the different holds on that play?" Simmons asked. "Was it the one on Jarvis Green? Was it the one on Richard Seymour?"

The former Giants QB had an answer that served as a verbal stomp on the heart of Pats fans watching like it was February '08 all over again.

"It was Tyree holding the ball on his helmet," Manning said. "Holding the ball on his helmet was my favorite hold."

"Nice answer," his brother chimed in.

Simmons should've known better than to go at Manning like that.

At this point, everyone knows Eli doesn't miss went it comes to crushing the souls of Patriots fans.

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