Eastern Michigan Player Breaks Silence After Horrific Sucker-Punch Sparks Brawl

Eastern Michigan player Korey Hernandez has apologized for attacking a South Alabama player.

Hernandez sucker-punched Jamarrien Burt following a loss to the Jaguars in the 68 Ventures Bowl. The shocking punch sparked a massive brawl that turned incredibly ugly.

Of all the ways for the Eagles to end the season, a 59-10 bowl loss followed by a serious brawl was about as bad as it could have gone.

Now, the man responsible for starting the entire situation is attempting to take responsibility.

Eastern Michigan player Korey Hernandez apologizes for punching South Alabama player.

"I must first apologize for the embarrassment that I have caused for my family, my team, the Eastern Michigan University community, and the Mid-American Conference by my actions last night. I have also had the opportunity to personally apologize to Jamarrien Burt and Coach Wommack of South Alabama, and both have accepted my apology," Hernandez wrote late Sunday night.

The Eastern Michigan Eagles DB further wrote, "I understand how my decision impacted so many others, and I am fully accountable in this matter. I will not allow this incident to define my character or my path moving forward as a leader, an athlete, an Eagle and a father. I will spend the immediate future reflecting on my actions and carefully planning my next steps with my family and support system. In the spirit of the holidays, I ask for forgiveness from all who were directly or indirectly impacted by negative decisions, especially from my team and those who have invested so much in my success. My family and I appreciate privacy during this time as we will make no further comment."

You can read his full statement below and send me your thoughts to David.Hookstead@outkick.com.

Will people forgive Korey Hernandez for what he did? Time will tell, but he's lucky the situation appears to already be dying down.

Let's remember multiple Michigan State players were charged after a tunnel brawl against Michigan. The precedent exists to charge athletes for violent actions outside the scope of the sport.

There's simply no excuse for anyone to throw a sucker-punch after a game. What the hell could have been going through Korey Hernandez's head when he made that horrible decision Saturday?

At least he's attempting to be a man about it and take responsibility. Now, he'll have to wait to see what further consequences could be waiting for him. Make smarter decisions, and you won't find yourself having to issue apologies after a huge brawl.

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