Eagles Coach Nick Sirianni Spent Wild Card Weekend Eating Pizza Hut

As the NFC's top-seed, the Philadelphia Eagles had Wild Card weekend off. The extra time allowed Eagles coach Nick Sirianni an opportunity to give into a Pizza Hut craving. As it turns out, nobody out pizzas the Hut.

"I was kind of craving Pizza Hut stuffed crust pizza," Nick Sirianni told media members of how he spent his Sunday. "I haven't had that in a while. That's not something I get to get at home.

(And that's a bad thing?)

"We had that. It was in the offensive staff room."

So, there you have it - the secret to Philly's offensive success is that they're fueled by Pizza Hut.

Why Did Sirianni Choose Pizza Hut?

Opting for some pizza while watching the Giants - Vikings game isn't all that unusual. In fact, alongside some Bud heavies and a dozen or so wings, it's probably the preferred way to watch Kirk Cousins bomb out of the postseason. But, Pizza Hut? Really?

Sirianni's decision to side with the Hut reminds me of Michael Scott hitting "my favorite New York pizza joint" to get himself a "New York slice," courtesy of Sbarro...

Then again, this is Philadelphia we're talking about. And the City of Brotherly Love isn't exactly known for their pizza. Who knows, maybe Siranni was cheesesteak'd-out? To his credit, at least he mixed things up and opted for the stuffed crust.

Turns out, coach Siranni's a lot like the Eagles' offense - unpredictable.

Coach Siranni and the Eagles will look to chew up the Giants this weekend. Kickoff is slated for 8:15 pm EST Saturday. Should things go well for Philly, there's a Pizza Hut 5 miles from Lincoln Financial Field.

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