Duke's Mayo Needs New Mayo Dumpers For Bowl Game

In this day and age, bowl games are a dime a dozen, but few carry the prestige of the Duke's Mayo Bowl.

Of course, many bowl games carry far more prestige, but few carry the exact same amount of prestige.

Now, you could be part of the game's most sacred tradition: the celebratory mayo dump.

The annual bowl game that's been played at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina since 2002, but Duke's Mayo has had their name on it since 2020.

Last year, the game really got some heat when South Carolina Gamecocks head coach Shane Beamer took a Duke's bath.

However, the dump itself was far from textbook. Nowhere in the mayo dump textbook does it say "clunk the dumpee in the head with the mayo tub."

Seems to me those two ladies underestimated just how heavy several gallons of mayo is. They gave it a valiant effort, but mayo is a hefty condiment if you're not ready for it.

Because they don't want to give this year's coach a concussion, the Duke's Mayo Bowl has announced that they have started a national search for this year's dumpers.

Yes, you did catch a typo. So did they.

They don't give any details as to what they're looking for in prospective dumpers. It's probably safe to assume that decent upper-body strength and not having a crippling fear of mayonnaise are both on the list.

We'll see how the soon-to-be newly-minted dumpers do when they have their big moment on December 30.

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