Drunk Patrick Mahomes Conquers A Port-o-Potty, Gracie Hunt Captures The Magic And Travis Kelce Catches Fireball At Chiefs Super Bowl Parade

WARNING: Gracie Hunt content below

There's no stopping the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs' Super Bowl Victory Parade went down Wednesday afternoon with a formation of party buses overflowing with KC players and personnel making their way through the heart of Kansas City, Missouri to celebrate the new world champs.

Yes, world champs, because no one plays American football like America.

Setting the tone early on was Super Bowl LVII MVP Patrick Mahomes who had sea legs early on in the festivities.

Mahomes appeared woozy and already toasty on the parade bus, giving Georgia's Stetson Bennett a run for his money as far as tipsy QBs go.

Hoisting the MVP trophy; calling out the "haters" that doubted the Chiefs all season (though they were few); and having to be held up by assistant coach Matt Nagy to prevent a season-ending plummet to the cold, hard ground, Mahomes was basking in the splendors of his second championship in the last four years.

The man is so beloved by the city that he received a standing ovation after a trip to the port-a-potty. There's not a Bowl in the world Mahomes can't conquer.

Oh, and Superman made an appearance.

Also knocking back the brews was tight end Travis Kelce, who proved he can catch anything in his vicinity, even off the football field.

After posting six catches for 81 yards in the championship game, Kelce was back to showing off his elite hands by catching a tiny bottle of Fireball thrown by a Chiefs fan below — no gloves required.

Give it up for the superior Kelce brother (sorry, Jason).

Kansas City's offensive line was in a celebratory mood: sporting "Zero Sacks" shirts in a fun nudge to the Eagles' defensive line.

Philly's defense was expected to have an impact at the Super Bowl, coming off a 70-sack season, but the Birds were held to a goose egg in that category on Sunday.

Making an MVP-worthy appearance on Wednesday was Chiefs heiress Gracie Hunt, who captured all the magic of the Super Bowl parade for her Instagram Story followers to enjoy.

Filming shots of the glorious American flag hanging over the cruising buses to videos of the tipsy Mahomes appearing on stage to rile up the home fans, Ms. Hunt delivered on the content as usual.

No matter the stage, the Chiefs organization is bound to leave a strong impression. Congrats to the champs.