Double Whammy: Howard Players Endure Cringey Kamala Harris Post Game Speech After Losing To Kansas By 28 Points

Howard University got boat-raced by Kansas on the first day of the NCAA Tournament. And that wasn’t even the worst part of their day.

Moments after their 28-point defeat, the Bison took another L when Vice President Kamala Harris entered the locker room.

A Howard alum, Harris addressed the young men who had just lost the biggest game of their lives as if they had just completed their first day of kindergarten. In the cringe-worthy chat, Harris stopped just short of congratulating the boys for going poo-poo on the potty.

Not exactly an ideal Thursday.

If Harris sought to have the most awkward speech of March Madness, she succeeded.

Howard Players Had To Endure Kamala Harris Appearance

“You guys are so good, you guys are so good,” Harris said as she walked into the locker room. Not good enough though, considering they nearly lost by 30.

Harris continued: “You played hard. You played to the very last second.”

Yeah, umm, that’s kind of what you do in these things, VP.

Not only did the Jayhawks hammer Howard 96-68, they also ended their season, on national TV. Thank goodness Kamala was on hand to cheer them up. Though not really. If you pay attention to the video (believe me, I know it's easy to look away), there is all of one person clapping - Doug Emhoff, Harris' husband.

If you don't recognize him, that's the man First Lady Jill Biden went lips-to-lips with last month.

Enough about lips, let's go back to Des Moines, Iowa where Howard took one on the chin courtesy of the Jayhawks.

Harris continued her speech by ranting about the team's hustle for roughly 20 seconds, always appearing just a moment away from surprising the class with an after-lunch Play-Doh party.

Kamala Harris Was Clueless

If it wasn't already evident in the first half of her locker room lecture, the second part confirmed Harris had no clue what just happened on the hardwood.

"You keep playing with chin up and shoulder back," Harris told the men's basketball team.

Someone should've briefed her that there are no more games for Howard.

And that's when Kamala Harris brought things back to the butterflies and rainbows that accompany crayons and finger paints in kindergarten classrooms across the country.

"You showed the world who Bison are," Harris exclaimed, appearing ready to hand out stickers.

In typical Kamala Harris fashion, she closed her speech in desperate need of a teleprompter, repeating the same phrase over and over.

"We've been talking about you. This team. You all. This team," Harris insisted. "This year. This team."

Wait, which team?

Howard University may have been bested by the Jayhawks, but they did survive Kamala Harris, and that's saying something.

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