Dolphins Coach Makes Disgusting Confession About Showering

Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel doesn't seem to be a big fan of showering.

As any regular person knows, showering regularly is a great way to avoid smelling like garbage, and it's good to get clean.

However, while that might be obvious to most of us, the young Miami Dolphins coach used to sometimes go the majority of the week without showering while he was an assistant with the 49ers.

"I really used to push it from game day to Wednesday without showering. Now, that would be obvious. I can't hide," McDaniel told the press when talking about how his routine has changed.

Shanahan confirms Mike McDaniel is telling the truth.

Just in case anyone thought Mike McDaniel might have been joking around to get a reaction out of the people, he was apparently being completely honest.

49ers head coach Mike Shanahan confirmed Thursday night that McDaniel's claim is "accurate" and "he's definitely not lying."

Look, I think most of us can agree that you occasionally maybe can skip a day without showering. That's one thing.

It happens from time to time. Going four days, especially when you're in an athletic environment, without showering is absolutely disgusting.

Even if McDaniel isn't running sprints on the field, he's still outside working up a sweat. Why would you not shower?

Other than being in a war where access to a shower is literally not possible, I can't think of a single justification for not rinsing off.

Fortunately, he's now a head coach and Mike McDaniel has plenty of time to shower. That's great news for everyone that has to be around him.

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