Derek Carr Meeting With Three NFL Teams In Indy

Derek Carr will have a full slate Tuesday in Indianapolis.

The former Raiders quarterback is on the hunt for a new team after being cut loose, and he'll have three meetings with franchises while the combine is underway.

Carr will meet with the Jets, Saints and Panthers in Indy, according to Ian Rapoport. He's previously met with the Jets and Saints. Carolina is a new addition.

Derek Carr will have options.

Outside of Aaron Rodgers, no QB in the NFL has more attention on them right now than Derek Carr does.

The former Raiders QB will have multiple options once it comes time to sign with a team. Any QB capable of walking and chewing gum will always have a spot in the NFL.

Carr, while not a star, is a very competent starter. You can win with him under center, especially if he has some weapons around him.

In fact, the Jets are so confident in Carr's ability to win with the franchise the team allegedly told him he'd go to the Hall of Fame if he joined them.

That's about as bold as it gets. It's unclear whether or not the Jets are still holding out hope for Aaron Rodgers, but if Carr is the backup option, the team will apparently be satisfied.

The Saints and Panthers aren't nearly as stacked with the same win now talent the Jets have. Logic would dictate they're not nearly as appealing.

No matter what, Carr should have no issue scoring another significant deal. The process continues Tuesday in Indy.