Deion Sanders Tells Entire Position Group To Leave If They're 'Scared Of Competition'

Deion Sanders kept it real with the specialists on the Colorado Buffaloes.

The new head coach of the program started right from the jump by telling the roster he was bringing a lot of his own guys. That means several players on the team will be packing their bags and leaving. When he met with the specialists as a position group, he had a shade of a softer tone, but the message was the same: leave if you're not up for a challenge.

Sanders looked the small group of specialists right in the face and told them, "Fellas, you know we're bringing a couple guys in, but you're not scared of competition, right? Just go out there and do your thing. Don't be scared of no competition. If you're scared of competition, you're not supposed to be here. We're going to have a good time, we're going to win and there's going to be change. We good?"

Deion Sanders is off to the races with Colorado.

The Buffaloes have a really bad roster, and Deion Sanders is committed to turning the program into a winner right away.

That means the fat is going to be trimmed, and CU has a lot of fat to get rid of. He came right in and said he was bringing his own players, including son Shedeur as the team's starting QB.

After speaking to the entire team, he told the specialists Colorado isn't the place for them if they weren't ready to compete.

While Deion's brand and approach might not be for everyone, you have to love how blunt he is as a coach. Deion Sanders isn't interested in massaging feelings. He's about keeping it real and letting people know there's no place for anyone who isn't giving 100%.

Kind of reminds me a bit of Herb Brooks' straightforward approach.

Deion hasn't even coached a game yet, and his time with the Buffaloes is already awesome. I can't wait to see how his first year plays out.

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