Deion Sanders Talks Fiery Halftime Speeches, Bad Roughing-The-Quarterback Calls With Peyton And Eli Manning

Drama king Deion Sanders is always ready to put on a performance, and his halftime speeches are no different.

On the Monday Night Football "ManningCast," Sanders addressed a video of a dramatic ass-chewing he once gave his Jackson State team at halftime. Not a terribly weird thing for a coach to do — except that the JSU Tigers were winning by 20 points.

"We weren't as dominant as we were supposed to be," he said.

But heated locker room speeches are par for the course for Sanders. Back in November, Jackson State beat Texas Southern 41-14. But the 21-7 halftime score wasn't good enough for Coach Prime. And then there was that time the Tigers were only up four points on Grambling State.

So Coach Prime has a habit of yelling dramatically at his team even when they are dominating. But maybe it's not such a bad strategy.

I mean, did you see what happened to the Chargers Saturday?

Deion Sanders calls out refs for "ridiculous" roughing the passer penalty.

Midway through the first quarter, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott found Noah Brown for a 3-yard gain before he was met with a hit from Buccaneers defensive end Akiem Hicks. It looked like your run-of-the-mill football hit, but refs through the flag.

Deion didn't like it.

"Where's the roughing?" he yelled.

Of course, Peyton and Eli Manning just chuckled awkwardly. They've benefitted from plenty of those "ridiculous" roughing calls.