Jaguars Bury Chargers With Incredible 15-Year Call Back On Twitter After Historic Choke

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Somehow, some way, the Jaguars came out victorious in Saturday night’s AFC Wild Card game after a historic second-half comeback. They also came out victorious on social media after the final whistle blew with two incredible call backs.

Jacksonville, 2.5-point underdogs entering the weekend, hosted Los Angeles at TIAA Bank Field for a chance to advance to the divisional round. Through the first 29 minutes and 36 seconds, it was ugly.

The Chargers went up 27-0 after four interceptions in the first quarter and a half. Asante Samuel Jr. was responsible for three of the four picks, which led to a really cool, full-circle moment.

The Jaguars got on the board with 24 seconds left in the first half, but it didn’t look good. Around that time, one sports bettor decided to place a massive wager on the visitors that he or she would soon wish had not gone through.

After going down by 20 at the break, Jacksonville mounted the fifth-largest comeback in NFL history and third-largest comeback in NFL playoffs history. It was remarkable.

Where Doug Pederson’s team seemingly never stood a chance, they battled back in the second half. A bizarre sequence of events and gutsy fourth-down play call from their head coach sealed the win.

Immediately after the clock hit zero, the Jaguars social media team went to work.

It started with the standard final score graphic. The copy reflected in the tweet called back to one from the then-San Diego team account in 2007, almost 16 years ago.

If that wasn’t enough, the team also fired off a creative win graphic that featured two broken “Chargers.”

Here is how that graphic came to be:

To really twist the knife, Jacksonville made reference to Veteran’s Day in 2021. FOX NFL Sunday was on-site at the Naval Academy and captured an incredible moment with an excitable Jags fan.

In the background was a Chargers fan. Nobody, if anybody noticed at the time.

Jacksonville did. Jacksonville remembered.

The Jaguars won on the field and online. Meanwhile, Los Angeles completely choked the game away and had to

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  1. Its just another bitter chapter in the existance of the bitter history of the Charger franchise post 1963. They will choke in the blink of an eye. Some how I stick with this on going trainwreck of a team.
    The GM and coaching staff must be fired. We are headed towards another Norv Turner era where tons of talent was pissed away with bad coaching.

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