Deion Sanders Shares Heartwarming Moment With Elderly Colorado Superfan

Deion Sanders continues to make an immediate impact at Colorado.

The new head coach of the Buffaloes is doing his best to build a winning culture and turn around one of the worst P5 programs in America.

While Deion Sanders is grinding it out with his players, he took some time to meet with Colorado superfan Peggy Coppom, who is in her 90s.

The moment between Prime and arguably the biggest fan of the Buffaloes on the planet is bound to melt even the toughest of hearts.

This was a classy move from Deion Sanders.

Part of being a head coach at a major university is connecting with the fans. After all, the fans and boosters are going to play a role in the team's success. They buy tickets, build up excitement and in the case of boosters, cut massive checks.

In Peggy's case, she's been cheering for the Buffaloes since most people reading this were even born. She's a Colorado superfan and doesn't give a damn who knows it.

She rides for the Buffaloes with all the excitement in the world, and being in her 90s doesn't slow her down. Her twin sister Betty was the other half of Colorado's most famous superfan duo, but passed away a couple years ago.

Now, Peggy carries that banner by herself, and clearly, her impact on the program was important enough for Deion Sanders to spend some time with her.

How could anyone watch their interactions and not get a little watery in the eyes? It was an incredibly touching and powerful moment.

Whether you cheer for Colorado or not, you can't deny Deion Sanders is having a massive impact on the program. If his impact on the field is even a fraction of what it has been off the field, the Buffaloes are in for a huge year.

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