Deion Sanders Reveals Season One Expectations: 'I Didn't Stutter'

Deion Sanders has a ton of confidence going into the upcoming college football season.

The Colorado football coach has been making waves ever since taking over the Buffaloes, and he just capped off a very nice first signing class with the program.

Now, it's time to find out what Sanders and company can actually do on the field. Well, he expects to rack up a lot of Ws.

"We're going to win. I didn't stutter, nor did I stumble, nor did I have to have a second thought of that question when you asked it. We're going to win," Sanders boldly proclaimed during an interview on The KOA Sports Zoo.

Deion Sanders is carrying a hell of a fun vibe into the season.

It seems like there's a new Deion Sanders story every single day, and they're always great. The Buffaloes won't play a game for more than 200 days.

Yet, all eyes are on Boulder, and you'd think it was the middle of November during a PAC-12 title run with how much attention is on the program.

This is a kind of energy and passion CU fans haven't seen in a very long time. For many fans, they might not have seen this much excitement around the program at any time in their lives.

Sanders isn't backing down from the challenge.

Last year, Colorado won a grand total of one game. The program has fallen off a cliff and had become a joke prior to Sanders being hired.

He's been tasked with restoring Colorado to a competitive level, and so far, he's off to a great start. He hauled in a solid recruiting class and he now has just one goal on his mind: win.

Deion Sanders isn't even attempting to curb expectations or dial things back. He's doing the exact opposite. Did he stutter? He did not, and the former NFL star is openly embracing the uphill battle.

Colorado's first game is September 2 against TCU. It's going to be electric, and until then, we're going to have months of more great Deion soundbites.

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