Deion Sanders Reveals Savage Reason Why He Always Looked Back During Famous High-Step In Heart-Pumping Motivational Speech To JSU

Deion Sanders is one of the biggest personalities in football. The 55-year-old NFL Hall of Famer not only dominated on the field, he also dominated headlines with his loud personality.

However, contrary to popular belief, he did not talk trash to his opponents. He would do his talking with his play and with his flair.

Of the many things that Sanders is famous for, his touchdown celebrations are near the top. And often, before he would reach the end zone, 'Primetime' would high-step his way across the goal line.

Sometimes, Sanders would even high-step in the open field as early as the 50-yard-line. It was savage.

As Sanders lifted his feet and danced his way down the field, he would typically look back at his opponents. It was the most vicious way to demoralize someone that he just beat down the field.

Deion Sanders recently revealed the reason why he would look back at his opponent while high-stepping and it is cold-blooded

Sanders, who is in his Coach Prime era as the head coach at Jackson State, recently spoke with his team after beginning the year at 4-0 in dominating fashion. The Tigers have outscored their opponents 190-37.

During his speech, Sanders reminded his team not to become complacent. He explained that he never spoke to the player across the ball from him in a negative manner.

"I never believed in it," Coach Prime said. "I would never down my opponent. He worked too hard to be where he is for me to be talking negatively about him."

Instead, Sanders would talk his talk through the media. He let them do his talking for him.

However, the former six-time First-Team All-Pro would look back at his opponents while high-stepping. There was a reason for that.

"I wanted to see when he quit," Sanders said. "That's why I looked back at him. When you exude dominance, there is a level of dominance that makes your opponent quit."

That level of dominance is what Coach Prime expects from Jackson State. He wants them to exude dominance and make their opponents quit.

Here is Deion Sanders's full speech to Jackson State about dominance: