Deion Sanders Meets With Boulder Police Chief, Poses For All-Smiles Photo

Colorado football coach Deion Sanders is a fan of the Boulder police.

The new leader of the Buffaloes is making waves in Colorado before even coaching a single game, and he's doing his best to build a new culture.

After several disappointing seasons, there is finally some optimism within the program and community. In an attempt to dive even deeper into Boulder, Sanders met with police Chief Maris Herold.

Both were grinning ear-to-ear.

Sanders later tweeted that the visit with chief Herold was "awesome."

Deion Sanders continues to pave his own path.

There are many things you can say about Deion Sanders. The one thing you can't say about Deion Sanders is that he doesn't do things his own way.

He's doing his best to provide structure and build a positive atmosphere in Boulder. That includes teaching his players how to treat women, setting standards, making his vision crystal clear and now, meeting with the police chief.

It sends the message to his players that there's nothing cool about hating cops, and in fact, the two sides can work together.

In an era where people love to trash the police, it's great to see someone with a public platform take a positive photo with the local police chief.

It goes to show that communication and a positive attitude can go a long way. Given the alleged situation that unfolded in Alabama with Darius Miles, teaching young men to respect the cops and law and order by setting an example is a smart idea.

As we've said many times at OutKick, Deion Sanders hasn't even coached his first game yet, and is already having an immediate impact. By the time September rolls around, the Buffaloes will be completely unrecognizable from where the program was at when he took over. Prime Time has arrived and it's awesome to see.

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