Deion Sanders Makes Coaches Run For Losing Drill, Kicks Player Out Of Weight Room For The Wrong Socks

Deion Sanders is absolutely setting the tone at Colorado.

Ever since taking over the Buffaloes, Sanders has been building up a new culture that's desperately needed. Last season, Colorado won a single game.

The team was 1-11. Deion was brought in to remedy the situation, and if there was ever a doubt about what kind of tone he was going to set, he's making it crystal clear.

Deion Sanders is holding guys accountable.

During a recent practice, the Colorado head coach had his coaches participate in a simple ball throwing drill, and much like his players, when one side lost, the coaches had to line up and run right alongside everyone else.

However, that was hardly the only moment Deion had that's drawing attention. He also kicked a player out of the weight room. The problem? He was wearing white socks instead of black.

"Put it down. Get out. White socks," Deion told the player without a moment of hesitation. Message sent.

Deion isn't afraid to set the tone.

It's been awesome for college football fans to see Deion Sanders go to work in Boulder. He inherited an absolute mess.

That's just the truth of the matter. Colorado was a very proud program at one point in time, but that was a long time ago. Recently, the Buffaloes have been a PAC-12 punching bag.

How do you change that? By setting the tone and ruling with an iron fist. Wrong socks in the weight room? Get the hell out.

You lose a drill? You run. It's almost straight out of "Remember the Titans."

Where will Colorado go from here? We'll find out once the 2023 season opens, but clearly, something is changing. The Buffaloes are no longer a joke. Through sweat, blood and discipline, Deion Sanders is turning things around one day at a time. Something special is cooking in Boulder.

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