Deion Sanders Issues Blunt Warning To Jackson State Players: Don't Be Late

Deion Sanders gave his Jackson State football players a very serious warning ahead of Thanksgiving.

The JSU Tigers are currently 11-0, and with one final game of the season left, Sanders made it clear that he won't have any tolerance for players who don't return on time from the holidays.

If someone shows up late, their season is completely over.

"If any of you all come back one minute late, I promise you your season is over. I promise you your season is over. One minute late, your season is over. Your locker will be cleaned immediately. When you we step on that field, we cleaning lockers immediately of whose not there. Don't come tell me the airline, the flight got canceled. I know it is. The flight is going to get canceled. Don't tell me you had a flat tire. You should have left on Saturday. You had a whole night to fix it. Don't do it. If somebody die, you better show me a picture of the casket right beside them," Sanders told his team ahead of the team going home for Thanksgiving.

Deion Sanders has the correct attitude.

Sanders 100% deserves to be applauded for this kind of attitude and mentality. In an era of complete and total softness, we've stopped holding people to standards and keeping people accountable.

It's sad, but it's also completely true. The Zach Wilson debacle over the past week is a great example of what happens when people aren't held accountable. It sours the entire locker room.

Well, Deion Sanders has now made it known what will happen if players return late. They'll be off the team.

There's a meeting Sunday afternoon, and any player who isn't there ready to ride will be looking for a new program. Is that harsh? No, it's not.

If you can't show up on time, why should you be allowed to remain on the team? That lesson doesn't just apply to football. It applies to life. If you can't show up to work on time, you're going to lose your job.

The lessons taught in sports almost always apply to life in general.

Props to Deion Sanders for holding his players to a high standard. We need to see a lot more of that in America.

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