Deion Sanders Gets Coaching Offer From PAC-12 Program: REPORT

Colorado has reportedly made Deion Sanders a head coaching offer.

Sanders has been tied to several FBS head coaching openings, and the Buffaloes have made him an offer to take over the program, according to 247Sports’ Adam Munsterteiger (via USA Today).

Sanders led Jackson State to an incredibly successful 11-0 regular season.

Colorado reportedly makes Deion Sanders an offer. Will Sanders leave Jackson State? (Photo by Charles A. Smith/Jackson State University via Getty Images)

Would Colorado be a good fit for Deion Sanders?

While Deion Sanders might have an offer on the table from the Buffaloes, it’s hard to imagine he jumps at the idea of taking over the PAC-12 program.

Colorado is a really bad football team. We’re talking about one of the worst teams in all of college football. Just a trash football program at the moment.

Will Colorado hire Deion Sanders? Sanders led Jackson State to an 11-0 regular season. (Aron Smith/University Communications/Jackson State University via Getty Images)

Why would Sanders take over Colorado when he could almost certainly score a more competitive job as soon as the season is over? It doesn’t make a ton of sense.

Plus, one of Sanders’ greatest skills is his ability to recruit. The recruiting job he’s done at JSU is nothing short of absurd, and it’s very unlikely he could recruit at an elite level at Colorado.

The program is geographically challenged and there are much better options for high school stars in the PAC-12 region. If Sanders can’t recruit, it’s hard to imagine he can have any long term success.

Deion Sanders has had great recruiting success at Jackson State. Would he have the same success elsewhere? (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)

While it’s definitely bold of Colorado to reportedly make an offer, it seems highly-unlikely Deion Sanders will be coaching the Buffaloes next season.

Written by David Hookstead

David is a college football fanatic who foolishly convinces himself every season the Wisconsin Badgers will finally win a national title. Has been pretending to be a cowboy ever since the first episode of Yellowstone aired.

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