Deion Sanders' Impact At Colorado On Display With Incredible Spring Game Ticket Sales

Deion Sanders' first spring game with Colorado is expected to have a massive crowd.

The Buffaloes have been given a new life and injected with energy after hiring the former NFL star as the program's new head coach.

In case there's any doubt about his impact, the spring game's expected attendance should erase it. The Buffaloes have sold more than 30,000 tickets to the April spring game, according to Brian Howell.

To put in perspective just how impressive that is, the team has only had 30,450 fans attend the past seven spring games for free. The 2022 game had fewer than 2,000 fans.

Now, more 30,000 fans will rock out at Folsom Field for Colorado's spring.

Deion Sanders is on a roll.

Deion Sanders truly can't be stopped. It seems like we have a new headline with every day that passes. The Buffaloes won just one game last year. Just one.

Now, it's February and the program has already sold more than 30,000 tickets to the program's spring game.

Is there any doubt the right man was hired? At a minimum, Deion Sanders has done more to bring attention to Boulder than any other coach on the market could have short of maybe Nick Saban.

Now, Deion still needs to go out and win games starting in September. What would be reasonable? If the team goes .500 or better, there's no way fans can be disappointed with that.

Going from 1-11 to even 6-6 would be a monster turnaround for the Buffaloes, and Deion Sanders can absolutely get them there.

Fortunately, we still have several more months until then and that means nonstop content is coming our way. Sanders has truly exceeded all expectations so far in Boulder.

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