Deion Sanders Addresses 'Bullsh*t' Rumors

Deion Sanders made it clear to his players at Jackson State that he's not running off to meet with other programs.

Sanders' name has been attached to several job openings around the countries given his success with JSU, and there's a ton of speculation he could land at Auburn. While his future might be cloudy, he drew a line in the sand with his players. He's not going anywhere to meet with other schools.

"You know I hate missing anything with you all. So, I won't be at practice Tuesday, but I hate rumors because there's going to be lies that I'm going somewhere to do some bullsh*t. That ain't true. I keep it 100 with you all. That's not happening," Sanders told his team in the locker room after crushing Texas Southern. The NFL legend is missing Monday and Tuesday due to a commercial and a funeral.

While it's impossible to know if Deion Sanders will leave JSU at the end of the season, he clearly wants to be straight with his guys.

If he disappeared for a couple days, it's more than reasonable to assume he's meeting with new programs. Again, Deion Sanders' name seems to get thrown out whenever a P5 team fires its coach.

For now, his players will just have to take him at his word that rumors about him meeting with schools are all "bullsh*t."

At least he was colorful and blunt when breaking down his short absence from the team.

Will Deion Sanders remain at Jackson State?

Obviously, everyone wants to know what Sanders will do moving forward. It's a great question, and he hasn't been shy about being open to hearing offers.

I’d be a fool and a liar to tell you I’m not going to entertain those things, because I am. We’re going to cross that hurdle when we cross that hurdle," Sanders explained when talking about potential offers during an appearance on College GameDay.

If a big enough offer comes through - the kind of offer a team like Auburn could make - it's hard to imagine Deion Sanders doesn't give it serious consideration.

The P5 is simply a different beast than the FCS. As impressive as Jackson State has been under Deion Sanders, it will never have the resources of an SEC program.

Time will tell what Deion Sanders ultimately does, but for now, he wants his players to know he's focused on the moment.

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