David Ortiz Trolls Alex Rodriguez About Poor Postseason Baseball Picks

The MLB postseason has moved into the championship series stage, with the Padres and Phillies meeting for Game 2 in the National League, and the Yankees eliminating the Guardians on Tuesday to advance.

The Yankees fought through a 2-1 series deficit to move on to the face the Houston Astros, and are widely seen as underdogs to get through to the World Series.

It appears some of the Fox Sports crew agrees with that assessment, including David Ortiz, who was part of Fox's coverage from Houston on Tuesday.

Ortiz believes the Astros should be clear favorites, and took the opportunity to poke fun at his former rivals and current colleague.

According to Ortiz, the only way the Yankees could beat Houston is if Rodriguez picked them to advance:

Before the playoffs started, Rodriguez picked the Rays to beat the Guardians and the Blue Jays to beat the Mariners.

Both of those were wrong.

On the National League side, he picked the Cardinals to beat the Phillies and the Mets to beat the Padres.

Both of those were wrong too.

To be fair, he did get the Yankees and Astros in the ALCS correct, but was way off in the NL, picking the Dodgers-Braves to matchup in the NLCS.

And he might be a bit distracted by his new love interest:


His World Series pick, the Dodgers has already been eliminated, so Ortiz does have a point that A-Rod's track record this year isn't the best.

That said, he did have the Astros getting through to the World Series and that's still on the table. Although given the rest of his performance, that could imply the Yankees should be the favorites.

Their ALCS matchup kicks off Wednesday night in Houston, with the winner looking forward to a substantial advantage over the 89-win Padres or 87-win Phillies.

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