Davante Adams Charged with Misdemeanor Assault For Shoving Cameraman

A Kansas City court on Wednesday charged wide receiver Davante Adams with misdemeanor assault for shoving a cameraman after the Raiders lost on Monday.

Adams apologized on Twitter that night, but said the man ran in front of him at full speed. Adams appeared unaware the video had already surfaced on the internet.

Here's the shove:

And here's another angle:

The photographer filed a police report against Davante Adams on Tuesday, saying he went to the hospital with injuries after being shoved to the ground. The police report says Adams pushed the man to the ground using two hands “causing whiplash and headache" and a “possible minor concussion.” 

"The man went to cops at Arrowhead Stadium just after being pushed by Adams. Authorities told the outlet that the man is claiming he was assaulted. He also claims that he suffered “non-life threatening” injuries before being transferred to a hospital," OutKick reported.

Davante Adams also faces discipline from the NFL whether it be a fine or suspension.

The Raiders have a bye next week and play the Texans in Week 7.

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