Dana White Fed Up with 'Whiny F*cking P*ssies' Trying to Cancel Joe Rogan

We published a column last week diving into why the media and so-called experts hate Joe Rogan so much. It's because Rogan challenges them and exposes them as mediocre and unimpressive. And since COVID didn't kill Rogan -- to the woke's chagrin -- the media wants to eliminate his voice from the discussion.

UFC President Dana White gets that. White knows who these people are. He calls them “whiny fucking pussies” who want to cancel Rogan. I'd say that's an accurate description.

“You’re not going to cancel Rogan,” White said on the Full Send podcast.

“The thing is with Rogan, he’s a brilliant guy and he does his homework and he knows what he’s talking about.”

The media doesn't want Rogan to speak out on issues like COVID and the vaccine. Only people like George Stephanopoulos and Whoopi Goldberg are allowed to do that, according to the media consensus.

“Guess what? This is fucking America,” White goes on. “You can have your own opinions about these things and you can voice them. That’s what this fucking country was built on. All these little whiny fucking pussies that don’t like it? Too bad.”

Love it.

Dana White is incredible. He doesn't care if you are liberal or conservative, he built a brand in the UFC that's for all sports fans. That's why the UFC has been so successful.

There are few brave voices in American culture. So it's no wonder each member of this small group -- including Dana White, Joe Rogan, Dave Portnoy, Aaron Rodgers and Dave Chappelle -- is skyrocketing in influence. Meanwhile, their critics, the “whiny fucking pussies," are screeching for attention.

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