Joe Rogan Is Not Dying, Tests Negative For COVID

Joe Rogan has tested negative for COVID-19 just two days after announcing he had contracted the virus.

In other words, coronavirus will not kill Joe Rogan. While such a statement seems obvious, some losers online were optimistic COVID could get him:

“There are a lot of people out there, Buck [Sexton], that would be very happy if Joe Rogan got COVID, they want him to get deathly ill and/or even die because they don’t think he’s been a sufficient alarmist as it pertains to COVID,” Clay Travis told Buck Sexton.

Remember, some media members celebrated Rush Limbaugh’s death. Of course, those same hateful scums were hoping Rogan would be next. Rogan did the unthinkable, he violated the media’s rules on covering COVID:

First, Rogan discussed the vaccine with curiosity. He asked questions — dared to wonder if healthy Americans, who are at minimal risk of coronavirus symptoms, needed the vaccine. That is not allowed. So don’t try it online.

Then, this week, Rogan revealed he had been taking monoclonal antibodies and ivermectin to treat COVID. Promoting ivermectin is not allowed either, CNN reminded us this week. That’s two strikes when the limit is zero.

The New York Times cannot cancel Joe Rogan, and the virus didn’t kill him. He will return to his studio to talk about the vaccine and ivermectin soon.

Anyway, glad to see Joe Rogan is feeling better.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. We can’t promote ivermectin, because it’s really cheap and effective. How are pharmaceutical company execs going to afford those fourth homes on the French Riviera if people find out they don’t need remdesivir for $3000 per treatment when $40 for ivermectin and a round of generic antibiotics works better?

  2. It’s actually half as deadly as they thought since they just admitted 50% more people have gotten the virus and recovered than they thought. On top of that the Red Cross quietly announced in June that they are stopping taking peoples blood for the plasma because come to find out if you have gotten the vaccine your plasma doesn’t have the proper antibodies needed for the plasma treatment. So the moral of the story is, best way of fighting off the disease is by only having the most vulnerable get vaccinated and the rest just catching COVID, recovering, and giving blood that has the correct antibodies to help people who get sick and end up in the hospital. If everyone were to get vaccinated, there would be no more plasma therapy.

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