Dan Snyder Won't Sell Commanders To Jeff Bezos, Isn't A Fan Of The Washington Post

The Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder will at some point sell the team, but don't expect that new owner to be Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Current owner Dan Snyder could potentially reach a deal to sell the franchise as soon as this offseason. This got the rumor mill a-churnin' and that promptly produced a potential pairing of Bezos and Jay-Z as possible buyers.

However, it seems unlikely that will happen for a couple of reasons.

The first is that Bezos and company haven't submitted a formal offer for the team. It's hard to sell to someone who hasn't put up an offer.

But even if he had put up an offer, the likelihood of Snyder accepting one with the name "Bezos" probably wouldn't happen.

Reports suggest that even if a Bezos offer slid across his desk with the highest price, Snyder wouldn't accept it. NBC Sports' Peter King wrote that this is because Snyder "detests" the Bezos-owned Washington Post.

NBC Sports' JP Finlay echoed this in a tweet.

It seems that no one can hold a grudge quite like a billionaire. Imagine leaving millions on the table just because you don't want another guy to have your old football team. Now, that's what they call "F-You money."

This isn't even Bezos' first billionaire-on-billionaire feud, He's known to not see eye-to-eye with Elon Musk. Their relationship was so frosty that Musk even slammed the Lord of the Rings series on Bezos' Amazon Prime.

When we're talking about a couple of nerdy dudes with virtually limitless cash, that's akin to insulting the other guy's mom.

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